A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

I was playing with wordle recently.  For anyone who hasn’t come across this yet, it is an online word cloud generator.

I was using it to make some posters of our school values for display in our ‘calm’ space (the table we use to give students time out). Mostly this involves me manipulating how many times I input words with the deliberate intention of having those words stand out. My aim is to give the students something to look at that will make them think about their behaviour and connectedness to our school.

My PLN have often shared their ideas of how they use wordle (and other word cloud generators) in their classrooms. Another idea is use it to analyse text … by inputting a URL or extended text you can see what words appear most often and from that maybe have a class discussion about why those words jump out. I use it in my VCE English class in this way as part of our text studies.

I have only been blogging for a short time but I thought it might be interesting to wordle my blog . . .

I was surprised, but pleased, that ‘students’ and ‘learning’ were my stand out words. It was interesting to then look at the next level and think about what that is telling me about my focus. I have spent a lot of time this year thinking about the physical environment I teach in, and my students learn in, how much control we have over this and how it impacts on our learning.

I continued to play with this and “wordle-d” some of my favourite teaching blogs (interestingly but not surprisingly), ‘students’ was the common stand out word.  I am particularly interested to compare the word cloud I created of my blog now to future word clouds of my blog . . . what will that show me about my reflective journey and teaching practice?


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