Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Year That Was …

I haven’t blogged for a month, not because I haven’t had any interesting thoughts but because the last six weeks of the year just go by in such a blur! There is a stereotypical view that the year winds down in term four, especially in high schools as year 12s leave and begin exams in the first week of November, closely followed by year 11s and year 10s. I wish!!

I found myself jotting ideas down on scraps of paper but when I came back to them my mind had moved on and I no longer felt motivated to finish the thoughts …. hmm, if I’m like that I wonder how many of my students are also like that? How can I manage that better?

Tomorrow I have been blogging for 11 months, as well as being New Year’s Eve … so time for a look back!

This year has been a massive learning curve for me as I adapted to the biggest role I have taken on so far in my career. In my first post I admitted to being daunted by the prospect of being year 8 coordinator with just over 100 students in my care. I was lucky to have the support of a team of homegroup teachers to work with, who were willing to share ideas, try new things and back each other up as we tried to balance the trials and tribulations of our own lives while navigating the minefield of teenage traumas we faced each day. In my experience there is a three-week barrier when you go to a new school. If you can survive the first three weeks the students generally settle down and start to work with you rather than constantly test you, you start to find your allies and build your support networks and you start to figure out the processes of the school. I found the barrier in my role as coordinator was much longer!

I feel quite satisfied with the achievements we made this year and I can see amazing potential for the year 9 students at our school in 2012 … they have grown so much this year! We didn’t solve every problem but overall our graphs went up! Students learnt to manage their emotions and behaviour more consistently, students learnt to work together in groups (we’re still not quite ready to say teams) and we finished the year on a positive note with a successful and enjoyable celebration excursion.

One thing I did at the start of the year, which I am sure had a huge impact on how I got through, was establishing clear goals. What I didn’t do was write them down … I have already written my goals for 2012, and I intend to post them up in my office so I read them every day. Keeping an eye on the big picture helps to keep me on track.

In 2012 I am stepping my responsibilities up again as I take on the role of Junior Sub-School Manager (taking on responsibility for 300+ students and associated staff). So I face the start of a new school year with another overwhelming sense of trepidation. But looking back I learnt that: having clear goals will give me a clear path to follow; I can’t do everything on my own, I need to build the support of a great team (in this case three great year level teams); and we need to celebrate each success regardless of how big or small.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012 🙂