Monthly Archives: March 2014

Everything old is new again!

At the very end, and I mean literally the last week, of the 2013 school year I took hold of an opportunity for another amazing adventure … and changed schools!

So now I find myself almost at the end of the first term in my suburban secondary college. Apparently this is only a medium-sized school, having an enrolment of just under 1000 students … twice as big as my last school and almost 10 times as big as the rural school I spent my first 20 years teaching in!

roseThings are starting to come into focus again. As our friend Shakespeare mused about roses, a school is a school is a school! We’re all in the same business of managing children, we work to the same curriculum outcomes and are guided by the same rough guidelines from the Department of Education … but every school has little quirks, little things they do differently … I describe it like looking at a familiar photograph that is slightly out of focus. Little things like roll marking, how to book equipment and library resources and even the particular model of lesson planning they use, take time to adjust to. Trying to fit what I know from past situations to suit this situation takes time and effort.

It’s been interesting, frustrating, stressful and, at times even, fun … but also exhausting.


How do you help new staff to settle in to your work place?