A colleague asked me recently if I have any tasks or games that I use when I am starting a new school or with a class I don’t know. As it happens, I do!

strandedIn 2002 I went the UK to teach and travel for a year. My first contract was a 10 week stint at a school in Leeds that was already on special measures. So I was facing a school that was considered disadvantaged with plenty of disengaged students, in a country with a curriculum I was not yet familiar with.

Day 1 lesson 1 I faced a group of 30 year 10 students who completely ignored everything I had to say and simply continued with their own activities. (Although at least they hadn’t started throwing things at me … yet!)

I was teaching English and I needed to get them writing and, more importantly, to begin to establish a relationship with them so they cared enough to listen to me. Thinking on my feet I began simply to write activities on the board … students would either join in or not … that was their choice … I responded to those who chose to join me.

From that moment of panic this activity was born. I have refined it over time and have used it many times. I reveal tasks one at a time so as not to scare the students … as the teacher you can add or delete tasks as you want to.

Over the course of the tasks (about a week of lessons) I can begin to see how students react to a variety of different tasks, to see where their strengths and weaknesses are in terms of English skills / thinking skills / communication skills, how well they work as individuals and in pairs … and …  begin to have conversations about TV shows, films, books, real-life experiences that build foundations for that important student-teacher relationship.

By the end of the exercise students have usually surprised themselves with the amount they have written and I give them a chance to redraft and craft a cohesive story to submit as their first assessment task.



What activities do you use to get to know your students?

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  1. Helen, thank you SO much for sharing! I LOVE the idea! I am going to try it with my new students. I myself would like to do all the tasks!

    • Good luck Tatyana, I hope your students enjoy the tasks. I have used this in all age groups and abilities and found most students enjoyed at least some of the tasks. :)

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